Birding or birdwatching. Information and tips

Birding or birdwatching. Information and tips

Hummingbird in Mindo Las Terrazas Mindo, Ecuador

The birding or birdwatching, is the term which refers to the activity of different types of birds observed respecting the environment, a fun and different ecological leisure activity that we can include in our holiday.

If you have not tried it, it may be one of the most peaceful and relaxing activities you can do outdoors. But the writing on the other side also saw the best for you , you can tullatodellinen a passion for those who are dedicated to finding the rare , long distances nähdäerilaisia ​​and add them to your lists (national , regional, local … )

Bird watching is a sport cheap, but very nice from time immemorial. With the binoculars and the local guide . Bird watching is also an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole of Ecuador , with particular interest in Mindo . For people who want this business to onlähinnä thing paradise. Ecuador you will find more than 1,600 different species of birds . In fact , you do not need to go to the remote jungle of the benefits of birding will Mindo ; You can find a number of our feathered friends, who just a few hours from Quito to see.

Province – Nono – Mindo Tandayapa – Bella Vista , home of the cloud forests of Ecuador , is an area of international importance for birds of South America. The area is so populated by the bird about every 200 meters altitude difference , we find changes in the resident species of birds that live there. Ecuador achieved only 0.02% of the Earth’s surface , but is home to nearly 10 % of all species on the planet. And where he lives , most of these guys? Mindo cloud forests of Ecuador and the surrounding area .

Only a few , some of which are endemic ( unique ) to this area : fruits Curtius , Peru Cock ofRock , Toucan Piquiplano , tanagers in all colors , Schnurr , Cotingas , etc. And when it comes to hummingbirds . several different species of Dalarna and Mindo Tandayapa perhaps the world record and the number of places available tarjoavatsuuren show very eaters .

Mindo Cloud forests is very conveniently located just one and a half hours to Quito. This fascinating ecosystem that literally runs on both Andes sides , 1000-2500 meters, is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

Go to cloud forests is ideal day trip activities. But for those who want more , you can also link to to search for best offers in hotels.

Sense of the word , this is a real jungle . Tall trees in the carpet of colorful flowers , deep green moss , and the sun’s rays through the trees plays such a filtered set. Steep slopes, cascading waterfalls, and all you hear is your footsteps overgrown paths. They are kind of like the first person to set foot on the familiar earth. Who knows, maybe it is. Or, maybe , not only for the Ecuadorian you feel at home .

From , we provide a number of tips for your observations.

Using some simple tricks, plus a good dose of patience, you can achieve observe a number of different birds, whether we move to the wilderness as if we live in the countryside or in the city, or if we have a garden, or just a balcony.

Early is best to observe the birds in their natural setting time. During this time, the birds are more hungry and preoccupied with their foraging. The best way to find interesting species requires knowledge of their appearance , voice , behavior, and a suitable living environment for all but a lot of discretion.

If possible, move to a headwind to avoid being betrayed by the odor, and is very quiet.

Recommended materials and appropriate clothing and footwear of natural (neutral and constantly chose the color of the weather), binoculars are a good rise – recommended Brightness and quality guidelines.

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