Photo gallery

A famous person once quoted, “Every photo you take communicates something about a moment in time, a brief slice of time of where you were, who you were with and what you were doing.” Surely there isn’t a better way of capturing a moment or memory than by capturing a photograph and compiling all the candid memories in a vivid and interesting photo gallery. This is exactly what we tend to do on our website i.e. we capture the astounding beauty of the tranquil and picturesque Mindo- a parish located in the northwestern Ecuador and bring it to you in the form of a well laid down photo gallery section.

Quito, Ecuador is a big bustling city that can sometimes sound overwhelming for its tourists and visitors who in order to find peace and serenity, plan a trip to Mindo- a nature inspired town full of mind-boggling landscapes and beautiful fauna. Mindo is basically located in the Pichincha Province in the San Miguel de Los Bancos canton and is a home to some of the most spectacular bird species in the world. Every year nearly 450 species of bird visit this wonderful town which even serves home to several fauna species such as amphibians and reptiles. Apart from being a must-visit place for bird lovers, Mindo is also famous for its wide species of butterflies.

They say ‘a picture speaks much louder than several hundreds of words’ and this is the reason why we instead of promoting beauty of Mindo through our words, simply make you aware about it through the pictures of this area. Our photo gallery consists of number of images, which on one hand depict the bird beauty of this place, while on the other hand captures the wilderness and adventures of the enchanting cloud forest.

Mindo is surrounded by a number of beautiful waterfalls of various heights and shapes that provide idealistic view for all the onlookers and in order to substantiate this fact, we bring to you some of the most astonishing and heavenly views of various waterfalls in Mindo in our photo gallery. If we are talking about the beauty and heavenliness of Mindo’s environment, we surely can’t forget to think about relax.

Our website’s photo gallery section doesn’t tend to ignore even a single aspect of this amazing place spot and captures every picture that is worth showing to photography and ecology lovers spread across the world. We don’t just display and share photographs that are captured by our own staff members but would also love to include photographs sent by tourists visiting the enchanting Mindo.

So, take pleasure into the beauty and serenity of Mindo and explore it through the vivid photo gallery section of our website.